The B. S. Art Prize Soft Launch

The B. S. Art Prize will launch with a small number of retrospective awards. These have been planned for some time and have just been held up by all of the practical matters of getting the infrastructure in place.

Extraordinarily, it seems that more than four years have passed since the time when I first conceived of and planned the prize in the late summer of 2014.

Even more extraordinary perhaps, is that I don’t have more awards lined up, and in truth, during this time I have planned to award many more prizes but then tended to forget about them or have second thoughts by the time I write the next draft of my B. S. Art Prize TODO list. For whatever reason, these awards are the ones which I am currently committed to and so that is that.

Now, finally everything is in place – the website is up, the first series of limited-edition medals is ready – the B. S. Art Prize is launched and ready to begin it’s mission of rewarding excellence in all kinds of art and shining a light on creators of great art from all walks of life.

The first series of 20 hand-cast BSAP medals

One of the unique hand-cast BSAP medals

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