First Award: Spoken Word Performance by an Anonymous Child

Having had four and a half years for reflection, I’m not so sure anymore that this award is in very good taste. However, I’ve decided to award it anyway because it was one of a combination of things which inspired the whole idea of the B. S. Art Prize in the first place. At the time I was deeply moved and affected by it, and if I had managed to get the prize up and running straight away I certainly would have awarded it.

Since the artist in this case is anonymous, the prize money will be re-invested into funding future B. S. Art Prize awards and the commemorative medal will be kept in the BSAP archive.

* * * * *

It was a warm and pleasant day in the summer of 2014. I was working on some problem or other related to one of my projects. Thinking through some detail of constructing something or maybe how to update the text of my website, I really don’t remember anymore.

Through the open window I could hear the lively sounds of a group of children playing at some kind of football game, the sounds of the game being accompanied by all of the usual kind of banter and shouts of indignation which one would normally expect to hear from a group of excited children (mainly boys) in the 8-12 years age bracket.

As it happens (more frequently than I would wish), I was distracted from my work and without really thinking about it found myself listening to the voices of the children, my mind transported into a mildly hypnotic state of slightly melancholy reflection. Standing there in a daze in the sunlit afternoon, this is what I heard…

Incey Wincey Spider, walking down the street,

Along came the gay boy and fucked him up the arse

This is where it happended

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