Eighth Award: Untitled Sculpture, by Hannah Levy

Went to Freize Art fair in London today.

I decided to give a B. S. Art Prize for my favourite thing, which was this sculpture by Hannah Levy, on display at the Casey Kaplan booth (F7 for anyone visiting the fair).

The work consists of a stainless steel framework with these very nice clawed hands which stretch the thick rubbery membrane tight. It looks to me like it wants to be sat on, but the central up-thrusting section of the framework makes this impractical. Anyway, I liked it a lot.

I was not aware of Hannah Levy’s work before today. Plenty more images can be found on the web – here are a couple of links:

Hannah Levy was not present to receive the award in person. I handed it to an associate director of the gallery who said that she would pass it on to Hannah, so I have every confidence that it will reach her.

Untitled, 2019, Hannah Levy

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