Sixth Award: Liberty Rowley (and Anna Minchell), for The London Arts Board

The London Arts Board is a disused municipal notice board in Camberwell, South London, which has been re-purposed since 2012 as an exhibition space by the artist Liberty Rowley.

The London Arts Board has slightly obsessed me ever since I first heard of it. The name is humorous, and adds to the appeal, but the exhibition program is taken seriously and the independent spirit and no-nonsense approach of getting things done with no need for any budget or backing is inspiring.

Special recognition is also given here to Anna Minchell who has taken over the curating and running of the LAB since earlier this year.

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This Sunday (21st July) I went to the London Arts Board to experience a performance by Jess Heritage marking the end of her show and to present the awards to Liberty and Anna.

Liberty Rowley continues her own mainly photography-based art work alongside holding down a full time job, and is also a quite prolific organiser of things, including artist film screenings and the Brutalist Curry Club etc. I must state here for the sake of openness that Liberty Rowley is a personal friend – in general I want to avoid giving these awards to my pals but I found it necessary to bend the rules in this case.

Anna Minchell was quite reticent and modest about her own art work when I (briefly) spoke to her, although some of it can be seen on instagram.



BSAP award presentation. Pictured from left to right: Anna Minchell, Liberty Rowley, B. S. Chambers… I took the unusual step of making a second medal for this award.

The image on the board, by Jess Heritage: ‘Imagine something vivid and with no discernible features’ (An image to assist performance).

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