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Sixth Award: Liberty Rowley (and Anna Minchell), for The London Arts Board

The London Arts Board is a disused municipal notice board in Camberwell, South London, which has been re-purposed since 2012 as an exhibition space by the artist Liberty Rowley.


The London Arts Board has slightly obsessed me ever since I first heard of it. The name is humorous, and adds to the appeal, but the exhibition program is taken seriously and the independent spirit and no-nonsense approach of getting things done with no need for any budget or backing is inspiring.

Special recognition is also given here to Anna Minchell who has taken over the curating and running of the LAB since earlier this year.


Second Award: Street Intervention By Anonymous Persons

There is a particular route which I commonly take to go home at night. It takes me through an underpass beneath a busy triple-carriageway, then past a bus stop on the other side of the road. At the bus stop there’s a shelter and a round black rubbish bin made of rugged plastic. As I said, this is a very busy, noisy road, and the pavement runs alongside a high brick embankment which form the back wall of a row of garages and a barrier to the housing blocks behind. The embankment is topped by wild looking shrubs and undergrowth which, along with the noise and wind and smells of the speeding vehicles, help to lend the place a certain feeling of desolation… or maybe that’s just my mood as I rush to catch the last bus, fretting about the amount of work which hasn’t been done yet.