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Seventh Award: Gestalt Award: Lawrence, The Man And His Works

Lawrence is someone who I’ve known for several years through my day-job in a public library. He is quite mindful of his privacy, so we’ve agreed to not use his full name here.

Lawrence writes poems and occasionally makes pictures and we often talk because we share some interests in common, especially in the area of science fiction, and general speculation, etc. I would also say that Lawrence in interested in art, although he’s not very keen on most of what he’s seen of the contemporary art scene.

We tend to disagree on certain points… spiritual matters, or whether it’s worth reading modern science fiction, etc.

I recently organised a community art exhibition at the library and Lawrence produced a picture especially.


Fifth Award: Dancing Lady, by Andrea Lo

This picture was submitted for an exhibition which I recently organised in a local public library.

If I were to try to describe why it appeals to me so much, I would have to say that it is something to do with combination of the bizzare/surreal and the girly/camp and kitsch qualities of the picture and the way in which they come together with this interesting technique of colouring in and outlining the shapes produced from marbling the paper.

Also, I like the slightly incongruous looking addition of the wine bottle, which kind of breaks the rigorous adherence to the system, and which could perhaps as easily be seen as naive, or as a sign of cynical sophistication…

And the dancing lady looks as though she’s having the time of her life!